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Wednesday, February 23, 2011



The fact that I'm allowed to keep the beer bottle caps baffles me. Looking through them was a nice trip down memory lane though. Its not often I think about the Boysenberry Wheat beer from the 2007 Sam Adams "Long Shot" pack. It was a good beer and I would like to have it again but it was retired. I would also like to have the Shiner Dunkelweizen again which was replaced by the abomination known as Cheer.


Such a dream! Oh Jimmy! Such the nostalgic. Actually you both are. You two are perfect for each other. :) So I'm curious. I know Jimmy installed metal thingies and other manly things for this project. But was he ACTually involved in the yes no maybe process of where everything should go? Or was that you Julie? If so, I will be more impressed than I already am. Also, Jimmy, you know you LOVE those pink bowls and use them all the time. My pouring shield is driving me nuts! It's moves all over my cabinets I want to throw it out. I mean I really don't give a flip if flour gets on the counter..or some other substance that I can just WIPE up..Do I really need to hang on to it?

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