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Sunday, June 12, 2011



Is it weird that I want to watch it a second time?...I LOVE sleepy babies. and sleeping babies. and awake babies. when they look up at you with that "wait, what? where am I..what's going on?" look, I just melt.


@Mary: That's why you need one. ;-)
I did watch the video a second time, he's so awesome!!!!


So precious. I had to watch it twice too. He is so pretty, he doesn't even look like a newborn, he's too healthy-looking. Hugs and kisses from Meemaw.


Congratulations Cooper!!!

I'm up to two now, my youngest is turning 3 months in two days and my oldest is 5 (can you send them off to college at 5?).

Good to see you are doing so well.

Best wishes,


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