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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The Bomb-Diggitiest

I laughed my ass off at "Graham Crackers in Repose". That's awesome. Because I was totally like "Oh, that's a really good picture of some graham crackers!" before I read Jimmy's snarky opinion.
And yes, you could totally pass that off as "art".
Wow, that's an awful lot of quotes for such a short reply...

The Bomb-Diggitiest

I'm loving the new look btw! Very crisp. :)


Wow, those photos look professional! Love them. Sammy is looking more like a little boy than a baby. Too cute.


I've got the same lens, and I also have issues with focusing with it. Mostly because 1) I'm used to zooming in to focus, and 2) my eyesight in my dominant eye is slightly fuzzy so I have to shoot with my right eye. If you come up with any tricks that help you focus a fixed-length lens any better, let me know.


@Bomb-Diggitiest - All the quotes are okay as long as you don't do the air quote gesture. ;)
@Mom - I know! He needs to stop growing so quickly, especially for the sake of my arms.
@Francis - I will update with any tips if I have any. My glasses are way out-of-date so photos that I think are in focus are totally not.

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